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I Am Power Bracelet

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I Am Power Bracelet
I Am Power Bracelet
I Am Power Bracelet
I Am Power Bracelet
I Am Power Bracelet
I Am Power Bracelet
I Am Power Bracelet

I am Power

I am Strength

I am Ever Expanding

I am Magic

I am a Believer

In Myself

For I Am

• Tara Marie Jack

May you wear your bracelet with the understanding that this bracelet has been filled with intention to support you every day. 

The wire wrapped focal serves as your own personal power amulet designed to enhance your daily experience. 

All of my pieces are designed with purpose, intention & collectively with Spirit.

This Bracelet is Specifically Designed for You to Affirm

I AM ~ 💗~ 

• Revitalized • Connected to Angelic Energy • Magical • The Divine • Organized • Goddess • 

• Made with Fire Labradorite; Selenite & anAngel Aura            Quartz Sterling Silver Amulet

• Swarovski Crystal - Swarovski Crystals Illuminate Your Aura & Deflect Negative Energy  

• Tierra Cast Rhodium Metal Accents

Labradorite is known as the magic stone with its flashes of fire within it; as it awakens within you mystical and magical abilities and psychic powers. Labradorite are powerful healing crystals for you to use to stimulate destiny, and they are well known for their action to boost psychic gifts.

Selenite invokes Protection from the Angelic Realm. It dispels Negativity with Love. It’s powerful energy helps you to connect with the Divine & higher consciousness. It’s ability to activate the Crown & Third Eye Chakras allow you to fully open the way to your Higher Connections.  It provides calmness & tranquility. It also is great for organization, clearing out brain fog while promoting clarity. Selenite is also known for bringing one Good Luck.

Amulet • Angel Aura Quartz • As an Amulet designed to extend your power outward. Angel Aura Quartz is a stone of high energy, helping you to feel more energized & revitalized. It promotes serenity, while connecting you with your angels. It is stone of mental clarity. It is also a very good stone to assist with evolving on your spiritual journey. It enhances mental clarity. 

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